Many of you may see yourselves as civilized men. Sane men in an increasingly insane, vulgar and barbaric world.

But you’re wrong! You are the new barbarians.

The official message will continue to be that:

• If you believe that all men are not created equal

• If you believe that free men should have access to firearms

• If you believe the government cannot be trusted to regulate every aspect of your life

• If you believe that race means blood and heritage — not just “skin color”

• If you see that men and women are different and believe they should have different roles

• If you believe that men should act like men

• If you believe that gay pride parades and gay marriage are ridiculous

• If you believe in some “old time religion”

If you believe any or all of those things, then, according to the State and corporations, the Academia and the media, you are a stupid, psycho, hillibilly, Neo-Nazi, woman-hating, wife-beating, homophobic throwback, reactionary Neanderthal.

You know it. Dance to it. Make it a techno remix. Because make no mistake: you are dangerous, traitorous and quite possibly seditious.

Well, I’m reminded of the [eloquent] words of rapper Eminem:

I am whatever you say I am

If I wasn’t then why would I say I am

In the paper, the news, every day I am

Radio won’t even play my jam

It doesn’t matter what you think you are. You are whatever they say you are. They control the message. No matter how reasonable you think your message is, the radio is not going to play your jam. No matter what you think you are, to them, you are the barbarians. So own it… be it. And, if you’re going to be the barbarians, then start thinking like barbarians.


Jack Donovan, Becoming the New Barbarians  (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

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In the guise of combating racism and xenophobia, this doctrine encourages discrimination in favour of aliens, the dissolution of European identity, the multi-racialisation of European society, and, at root, paradoxically, racism itself.


Anti-racists use their fake struggle against racism to destroy the European’s identity, as they advance cosmopolitan and alien interests.

Anti-racism, moreover, translates into a racial obsession and contradicts itself, since its partisans deny the existence of races. In promoting open borders and dogmatically encouraging multi-racial society, anti-racists end up objectively provoking racism.

The dominant ideology imposes a quasi-religious anti-racist faith that promotes integration into its politically correct society. Anti-racism is quintessentially a form of intellectual terrorism. Whoever disapproves of immigration or affirms the superiority of European civilisation—and identity—whoever denounces the evils of multi-racial society, whoever observes the ethnic character of the growing criminal element—is demonised and branded by media, society, and the law as a “racist.”

Touchstone of the self-righteous, anti-racism is the most advanced expression of postmodern totalitarian ideology. It demonises all forms of rebellion and anti-system opposition. Similarly, it neutralises and keeps potential dissidents within the system’s ideological bounds. A certain intellectual Right, hoping not to alienate the ruling powers, has in this way been recuperated, marginalised, and subjected, losing in the process any hope of being publicly recognised. […] This egghead Right […] is not content with publicly declaring itself to be “anti-racist,” but goes so far as to denounce whoever publicly defends his European identity as a ‘racist.’ Incredible, but true.

This all goes to show the paralysing and integrative power of anti-racist dogma, which demands that its collaborators become informers—which probably isn’t a very sound calculation.


Guillaume Faye  (via european-traditionalist)


I heard you dislike social constructs, tumblr.


I heard you dislike social constructs, tumblr.

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im going to buy a poster of this


im going to buy a poster of this

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"The Liberal State believes in nothing, not even in itself. It stands by with folded arms before experiments of every description, including even those aimed at the destruction of the State itself. It is satisfied if everything develops in accordance with certain regulation forms of procedure. Could anything more foolish be imagined? A State in whose eyes nothing is true elevates to the position of an absolute and unchangeable truth this attitude of doubt, and this alone. It makes a dogma of antidogmatism. Hence the Liberals are prepared .to let themselves be killed for maintaining that no idea is worth men’s while to kill each other for."

— Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (via fascist-toughy)

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What else could it be? And how do we handle it?

"We will not talk our way out of this. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life. We had better be ready to stand and fight at some point. And we had better realize that the fight is something that can’t be avoided, and…